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If you own a site with Magic Knight Rayearth or another CLAMP series or a fantasy setting as its focus and would like to affiliate, please message me! For fanlistings, I'd like to keep them to MKR only. Below are some MKR sites I recommend.

Cephiro (Fansite)
In My Heart (Fansite)
Scarlet Flame (Hikaru Shrine)
Purity and Power in MKR (Essay)
Lantis' Space Pony and CrossWorld Magic (Discussion)
MKR Scenario Collection Extra Comics (Bonus Material)


If you would like to link this shrine, feel free to use one of the following buttons (courtesy of Elysa <3) and direct it to http://cephiro.oubliette.nu/! Please upload buttons to your own server.


Colour Art Scans Minitokyo
Fonts Forum / Garamond / Georgia / Mary Jane
Patterns Starsunflower Studio / Hybrid Genesis
Translation Reference Cephiro

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