The Creator

Meanwhile, the Magic Knights wonder why it is that they are referred to as Magic Knights, an English term from their world in contrast to all other Cephiroan titles. As they ponder whether someone from Cephiro who knows their world gave them that name, the invaders' last attack commences. When Lantis and the Magic Knights become involved, Mokona's jewel, now yellow, envelops those fighting with light from above, and it declares that the time to decide on Cephiro's new Pillar has come.

It rules out the representatives of Faleng and Chizetha as their hearts are not strong enough to become Cephiro's new Pillar, for they are not willing to risk everything they have for their wish. It commends Lantis for having the strongest heart in all of Cephiro, though that heart wishes to destroy the Path to the Pillar. Even stronger, however, are Eagle and Hikaru's hearts – and with those words, Mokona's mouth sucks the two of them into a different dimension so that they may walk the Path to the Pillar and pass their trial.

Only Princess Emeraude knew its true identity.

Mokona sprouts wings as it reveals its identity as not only Cephiro's, but Earth's creator, its power so strong that even Guru Clef trembles before it. The world around Earth was the first to be created: a world of chaos without a ruler, but where the will of all living beings weaves the future. Disappointed by the Earthians' continuous wars and progressing destruction of the environment, Mokona gave life to Cephiro, a world governed by the will of one person alone.

It was the one to give the girls from the other world the name Magic Knights, and it is the one that the Mashin report to. Rayearth represents fire, passion and the future, Ceres water, kindness and the present, Windam wind, knowledge and the past.

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