The Pillar

Cephiro is a world governed by will, where the strength of the heart decides the outcome of everything, be it the power of a magic spell, the order of the world or even the future. The Pillar, Princess Emeraude, is the entity with the strongest heart, who preserves peace and order in the world through the power of prayers; in a way, they are the land itself. With the support of the Pillar, humans, spirits and beasts have been living happily and peacefully side by side in a prospering land of everlasting spring...

Until the day the princess vanishes and Cephiro plunges into a nightmare of chaos and incessant battles. The fears and worries of the human heart manifest as monsters and roam the land, while natural disasters such as earthquakes and storms continuously threaten its inhabitants; over are the days of harmony and safety.

Hearing the rumours that the princess has been captured, countless sorcerers, warriors and knights set out to fight Zagato, the Priest whose hands the Pillar has fallen into, and his underlings, yet none of them emerge victorious.

Key Figures

EMERAUDE. Cephiro's princess, current Pillar and the one with the strongest heart; though there have been Pillars before her, nothing is known about them. Though youthful and childlike in appearance, she is actually quite old. Cephiro is a reflection of Emeraude's beautiful heart and pure soul, but when her prayers come to a halt, the land loses its anchor. As the Pillar, she alone has the power to summon those from the other land who are to become the Magic Knights, which she does with her remaining strength.

Served her as a High Priest. Said to hold her prisoner in his Water Dungeon.
Cephiro's most powerful Sorcerer who has watched over her since birth. Highly concerned about the state of Cephiro and her whereabouts.
Strange life form of unknown origins. Emeraude entrusted it to Clef so that it would guide the Magic Knights.

ZAGATO. One of Clef's former pupils. As a Soru (High Priest) serving Princess Emeraude, his duty was to ensure that her prayers go undisturbed. Used to be a mild-mannered and prudent person. He seems to have abducted her without regard to the consequences it has on Cephiro, and sends out his underlings to obliterate the Magic Knights summoned from the other world. His strength of heart is second only to Emeraude's.

The person he was supposed to protect, now a prisoner.
His former teacher in magic. They once shared a close bond as they watched over the princess together.
His younger brother. Together, they studied under Clef. Does not currently reside in Cephiro.

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