Magic is used with the heart; following Cephiro's principles, the success, failure and strength of magic depends on one's will. Magic exists in different forms and elements, can be imparted by the knowledgeable and powerful (namely Guru Clef), and is learned by reaching into oneself and grasping the word that comes to mind. The kind of magic one learns depends on the individual, for it is the magic that chooses the user. Spells are not to be used frivolously, lest there be repercussions. Magic further exists in scrolls and items.

Notable Wielders

CLEF. Cephiro's supreme Iru (Sorcerer) and the only one to carry the title Guru; his skill is known across the land. He protects and supports Cephiro alongside Emeraude, whom he has watched over her entire life. As Guru, he passes magic onto those with potential and teaches them to wield it effectively, amassing numerous pupils over the years. He gave Emeraude the promise to help and guide those summoned from the other world on the path to become the legendary Magic Knights. Though he looks like a child, he is 745 years old. Likes silence, dislikes noise, and enjoys going on walks and talking to spirit beasts.

He watches over her and wishes for her happiness as she prays for Cephiro. Her disappearance and Cephiro's state greatly worry him.
One of his former pupils. They spent a lot of time together in Emeraude's presence.
Zagato's younger brother and one of his former pupils. He was eagerly looking forward to the day Lantis or Zagato would surpass him. Does not currently reside in Cephiro.
One of his former pupils. She was taught magic to protect Emeraude, yet seems to have taken Zagato's side since Cephiro fell into chaos.
Entrusted to him by Emeraude, to be given to the Magic Knights as a guide.

ALCYONE. A powerful Iru (Sorcerer) who learned magic from Clef. A wielder of ice elemental magic who travels the sky on her spirit beast. When the Pillar disappears, she sides with Zagato, whom she loves, and is the first to pursue the girls from the other world to destroy them. Though she is quite crafty with the timing of her attacks, the Magic Knights ultimately defeat her. When she returns to Zagato, he extinguishes her life.

Does his bidding out of love. Her feelings are one-sided.
Her former teacher – not that it stops her from attacking him relentlessly.

Further capable magic users are covered in the respective chapters.

Elemental Spirits

Mentioned by name only fleetingly, they are depicted in several scattered scenes and illustrations, most notably around the Magic Knights, who each command a different element. They seem to appear in groups and represent the elements.




Further elements that make an appearance are Ice, Dark and Light.


Offensive Magic

Thunders Strikes the enemy with a lightning bolt. Clef
Fire Arrow Multiple fire arrows strike the enemy. Hikaru
Water Dragon A column of water overwhelms the enemy. Umi
Red Lightning Hurls an orb of lightning at the enemy. Hikaru
Blue Whirlwind Sends a spiraling stream of water towards the enemy. Umi
Green Gale Slashes the enemy with gusts of wind. Fuu
Arayah Icicles assault the enemy. Alcyone
Arayal Hurls spears of ice at the enemy. Alcyone
Astra Ice blades emerge from the ground to pierce the enemy. Alcyone
Lexus Hurls an orb of darkness to strike the enemy. Zagato
Diabolo Silver death strike causes an explosion. Zagato
Stratos Dark elemental explosion. Zagato
Debonair Gold death strike causes an explosion. Emeraude
Sainos Light elemental sword slashes cut the enemy. Emeraude
Spiral Flash Three elements combine to form a devastating attack. Magic Knights
Ice Blade Blades of ice cut the enemy. Umi
Askis Repels and sends a shock burst towards the enemy. Ascot
Kronos Protects the caster while sending a lightning bolt towards the enemy. Lantis

Supportive Magic

Healing Wind Heals an ally. Fuu
Guarding Wind Shields an ally.
Can be cast as a multi-target or area spell.
Warning Wind Roots the target. Fuu
Crester Erects protective shell around the caster.
Can be cast as an area spell.
Clef, Alcyone, Lantis
Futura Boosts the power of the target's next magic attack. Primera

Summon Magic

Cleft Summons spirit beast. Clef, Alcyone, Lantis
Slayer Recalls summoned creature. Clef
Maxima Summons monster. Ascot

Miscellaneous Magic

Accept Imparts magic upon target.
Can also be used to provide defensive gear.


Summoned creatures are not just called upon to assist in battle, but also frequently employed as means of transport by magic users. The rider need not necessarily be the summoner. They are divided into spirit beasts and monsters, the latter being manifestations of fearful hearts. Monsters can have attributes granting them elemental or physical resistance or immunity.





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