There is more to Cephiro than what has been covered in previous chapters. This one is dedicated to all the things that do not fit anywhere else.


Class names are not just labels, but also used as titles when referring to someone (e.g. Guru Clef, Soru Zagato). See the Spellbook for spell names.

Aar A solid material used to forge weapons.
Daru Swordsman. Does not use magic.
Escudo The legendary material used to forge evolving weapons.
Faru Smith, artisan. Creates weapons and armor.
Gear Cephiroan dish.
Guru Title of the highest-ranking Iru.
Iru Sorcerer. A user of magic.
Kairu Magic Swordsman. Combines the strengths of Daru and Iru.
Kusto A solid material used to forge weapons.
Laru Illusionist. Calls forth hallucinations and controls people.
Mashin "Rune Gods" to be wakened and worn by the Magic Knights.
Paru Summoner. Uses portals to conjure monsters.
Pillar The one who preserves the world with the force of their will.
Plug Cephiroan fruit.
Slye A solid material used to forge weapons.
Soru High Priest. Supports the Pillar's prayers.
V-TEC Cephiroan dish.

Mokona's Secret Skills

The jewel on Mokona's head allows it to help the girls in many ways on their journey.

Not only does it produce food when needed, it is also able to conjure a tent-like capsule, complete with door, bed, pajamas and toothbrushes! When lost, the jewel may emit a ray of light to show which direction to take. The girls use Mokona to keep in touch with Clef, who is able to teach Umi and Fuu, who had not yet learned any spells when they parted, magic from a distance through Mokona; when he does so, the jewel's colour changes to the corresponding element's colour. Furthermore, it can conjure vessels for transportation that can navigate land, sea and sky.


Typical of Cephiroan aesthetics is the inclusion of round ornaments in fashion, armor, weapons and accessories, most commonly around the neck part, but also as part of shoes, gloves, headgear, shoulder pads. Gold is the colour dominantly used for seams; in the absence of gold, silver is the substitute. These elements are also found on the Mashin and the Magic Knights' gear.

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