Aside from equipment worn into battle, there exist evolving weapons and armor that mature alongside their wearer, or more specifically, their wearer's heart. Guru Clef is capable of summoning such armor with the spell Accept, whereas only one person in Cephiro can forge evolving weapons...

Master Smith

PRESEA. A Faru (Artisan) is someone who forges weapons and armor, whether for battles or ceremonies. As Cephiro's highest-ranking Faru, only Presea is capable of creating weapons from the legendary mineral Escudo. Weapons for rent aside, each one she forges is uniquely made for its wielder. Once forged, she can summon the weapons she has made. She knows of the legendary battle ahead of the Magic Knights, and when they arrive, she quickly grows fond of them. Has a tendency of not listening to others properly while letting her own imagination run wild... Dislikes messiness and enjoys doling out punishment.

Asks her to give weapons to the Magic Knights. She is deeply affected when she hears them mention his clash with Alcyone, which may hint at deeper feelings...
Given to her by Clef to hand over to the Magic Knights. Turns out to be a big annoyance during its stay at her place as it loves to create a mess in her study, to the point she sets up traps for it and indulges in daydreams involving torture.


It is custom for knights and warriors who request weapons from a Faru to provide the material themselves. Aar, Slye and Kusto are tough materials, but only the legendary Escudo can be forged into evolving weapons, which mature according to the strength and mental powers of their owner. In the hands of the Magic Knight, they are the key to reviving the Mashin. Escudo can only be found at the Spring Eterna.

Process of Forging

Presea creates weapons through dance, presumably her own kind of magic as it, too, is affected by the heart. Due to this, forging can also lead to exhaustion, as shown when she crafts weapons for the Magic Knights.

Evolving Weapons

As they evolve, their looks changes, until they – at least in the case of the Magic Knights – assume their true form. The following are the hilts of the swords wielded by the Magic Knights:




The hilt of Fuu's sword does not change; instead, her sword's size and length increase drastically as her heart matures. Of note is the fact that the dragon depicted on Umi's sword hilt first appears after she passes the trial in the Water Shrine, making her weapon the one with the strongest aesthetic link to a Mashin.

Personal Weapons

When someone other than their owner touches the swords mentioned above, they are rejected: Hikaru's sword bursts into flames, Umi's turns into water, and Fuu's, which is as light as a feather in her hands, becomes too heavy to hold. It has not been specified whether this is a trait inherent to weapons crafted from Escudo or to weapons belonging to the Magic Knights or something shared by weapons Presea has forged, which are all one of a kind and meant for one specific person, though the last possibility seems to be hinted at the strongest.

Evolving Armor

The armor given to the Magic Knights by Clef look the same, though the school uniforms they wear underneath as well as the footgear differ.

Weapon Materializing

The armor provided by Clef include a glove ornament that stores weapons until they are called, allowing easy transportation.





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